Saturday, June 05, 2010

What's with Ecolocap and NextAlternative

What the Hell
is going on here???

A couple of days ago the CEO of NextAlternative announced that a "deal" with Ecolocap to distribute their nano-technology battery in the US had been voided.

Strange thing about the affair is that NextAlternative had only last month announced their own nano-technology battery based on lead acid technology, so why the heck would they want to distribute a rival company's product????

Stranger and stranger it gets, and why, tell me - do, would Ecolocap want a direct rival in the nano battery field distributing their battery???? It just does not make any sort of sense to me.

Are we possibly talking the same battery technology being claimed last month by both of the companies??? Or is it different technology, as the publicity would indicate???

It all smells a bit fishy!!! I would be more than a little worried if I had money in either company, seems very odd stuff going on here altogether.

NextAlternative story. Posted 8th May 2010:

Ecolocap recent story. Posted 20th May 2010:


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