Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ireland has 50% Wind Power


Did you know
Ireland has up to 50%
of it's Electricity
From Wind Turbines?

There is a headline being shouted around the media in the last few days to the effect that; “Ireland will be able to generate up to 40% of its power from wind by 2020”.

The Real BIG News

The real news is that there have been a few rare periods in recent months when wind power has provided up to 50% of Ireland’s electricity.

By January 2010 Ireland had an installed wind power capacity of some 1260 megawatts, that’s three times the 2005 capacity.

Ireland was on or near the top world league in wind power growth in 2008 the growth rate 54.6%.

Bugger All Use - Unless we can Store

All the wind power we have and all the new stuff going into service in the next year or two will not give us either power stability or independence from fossil fuels unless we invest in serious grid balancing storage facilities soon.

Will it be flooded glacial valleys for hydro storage, or will it be some new type of battery storage, or maybe Professor Garvey's compressed airbags?? Who knows what will emerge as the best but we need something right now if only on a fairly small scale.


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