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Oil, Just Add Water for greater Efficiency!!


For Greater Efficiency
Just Add Water!!

EcoloCap, the company I have been writing about recently, the same company that has a viable nano-technology battery about to come on production, have also another WOW factor innovation under their belt.

See my post:

Ecolocap have developed what they call M-Fuel, which is a way of blending oil with water using nano-technology.

I know - I know - it sounds mad but it seems to work - read on:

M -Fuel is an emulsion consisting of 60% heavy oil, 40% water, and a 0.3% stabilizing additive. M-Fuel is manufactured in a Nano Processing Units (NPU), a self-contained device that is sized for output. The NPU’s can be configured to operate in conjunction with an engine or burner to supply M-Fuel on demand, or the stuff can be pre-manufactured and stored.

How it Works

A NPU has three basic components: fuel intake, water intake and a blending chamber, or Nano Generating Unit. The fuel intake unit has the ability to process just about any oil, including diesel, contaminated waste oils, and used cooking oils. The water unit can process any type of contaminated water including seawater, once it is filtered of particulate matter.

The fuel and water are then measured into the Nano Generating Unit which works using an electro-mechanical high-energy field to combine these elements on a sub-micron level.

The water molecules are split into H and O2, and the oil is broken down into sub-micron bubbles. Each bubble absorbs a molecule of H or O2.

Ecolocaps proprietary stabilizing additive acts to coat the molecules, giving them a negative charge, allowing them to quickly disperse within a combustion chamber.

Why it Works

Nano sized oil molecules have a diameter under half a micron. When sprayed into a burner or engine the fuel presents some 10,000 to 20,000 times greater surface area of a normal aspirated oil particle.

This greatly increased air fuel surface area allows the micro oil droplets to burn way more effectively. Combustion releases the trapped H and O2, creating a secondary burn, producing water vapour. The formation of the water vapour acts to cool the burn, and this in turn preventing production of NOx.

Ecolocap claim that their M-Fuels give increased efficiency, reduced emissions by up to 60%, reduced fuel consumption by some 40%, and overall cost cutting by up to 25%.

The Nano Processing Units are scalable, customisable, and can be implemented without modifying existing equipment. The nano fuel can be burned in anything from lawn mowers to super tanker engines.

Applications For the New Fuel

* On-Road Transportation: trucks, buses, public fleets, mass transit fleets, private fleets
* Off-Road Transportation: marine engines, locomotives, construction equipment
* Power Generation: large institutional heat sites, apartments complexes, hospitals, universities
* Industrial: power plants, boilers, furnaces, turbines, boilers, driers, kilns

Here is a modified outline of the company's system benefits listing:

Economical Benefits include:

* Fuel consumption savings
* Ability to burn cheaper and dirtier fuels
* Reduction in maintenance of existing equipment
* Reduced combustion temperature peaks
* Shipping and storage savings
* Qualifies for Carbon Credit Trading
* Complete combustion and oxygen use
* Extends life of equipment

Ecological Benefits include:

* Meets 2030 emission requirements
* Reduces SOx, NOx, CO, and CO2 emissions
* Eliminates particulate emissions of dust and ash
* Reduction in carbon, soot, and smoke build-up
* Recycles any contaminated water
* Recycles contaminated waste oil
* Qualifies for ‘green’ tax credits

Efficient Benefits:

* Increases primary and secondary atomization
* More complete and uniform burning temperature
* Increases thermal efficiency
* Reduces equipment cleaning costs
* Reduces acid mist and particulate formation
* Reduces back-end fouling and corrosion

Fuel and Equipment Flexibility:

* Utilises kerosene, diesel, waste oils, and bio-fuels
* No modification to burners or diesel engines
* NPUs can be sized for output consumption
* NPUs can be computer operated and remotely accessed
* No human intervention needed to operate the unit
* Fast installation and hassle free operation

Now all we just need some independent testing and verification, and then one very large NPU in every local district on the planet to process road and heating fuels. Oil companies take note!!!!!

Hope this is for real - but I do believe there is a major future in Nano Technology applications.


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