Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MagLev Wind Turbine update


Pretty picture artist impression of what is still Science Fiction
and a newish take on the Maglev turbine

Update of sorts on the
“Massive Maglev Vertical Axis
Multi-gigawatt Wind-Turbine”

I first wrote about the notion of a massive vertical axis multi-gigawatt frictionless magnetic bearing wind turbine almost one and a half years ago. To date, AFAIK, there is no visible sign of such a machine on the planet. http://wood-pellet-ireland.blogspot.com/2007/11/maglev-wind-turbines.html

A different take on the Mega Maglev
that is a rail line in front
- there is a play on "not missing the train"
and of course on the "real science" maglev train itself - Oh FGS give us a break guys!!

A helicopter about to land on the Helli-pad on top of the turbine - like Wow!!

There has been a gentle stir in the winds of the maglev turbine world, and a fair bit of You Tube video and other such hoo-ha associated with fishing for investors, but to date, no brick and mortar so-to-speak.

As "seen from above"
Looks like a Greek Temple!!

I have looked at some of the fancy video and include a few screen shots. The MagLev site invites contact but the doorways provided are interesting and tell a story, in as much as no provision for media or academic enquiries is provided.

One of the sites: http://magturbine.com/

Another site: http://www.maglevwindturbine.com/

A bit of a different twist on the subject on both sites. Heavy on the images, light on the science and solid facts.

Am I being way too cynical again here guys?? - I hope I will live to regret the cynical attitude and have to offer an apology. Somehow, I get the feeling that that day will be a while yet coming!


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