Friday, April 17, 2009

LED lamp Comparison Addendum


I have received a note from Liam Ellis of Vario Lighting regarding my last post. He wants to correct two points of information which I had incorrectly reported on their VX3 lamp.

1. The VX3 Lamp which I tested is NOT rated by Vario Lighting as being a 50 Watt equivalent. They prefer to rate it as a 35 watt replacement. But Liam points out that it is a fair compromise on light intensity in any case.

(That make the already large difference between the Ecopal and Vario Lighting lamps even greater!!!)

2. The transformer for the Vario Lighting lamps which I quoted, is good to supply up to 4 lamps, and not 6 lamps as I reported.

(I am happy to correct these and any other inaccuracies. If I have incorrectly reported the Ecopal bulb, I would also be happy to correct any inaccuracies)


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