Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Regenysis, Plurion the Big Battery Burn-out?


An Update on Vanadium Batteries

I recently received a letter from Barry Walsh with some update news on the Big Battery business - Plurion et al. Thank you very much Barry for your interesting input. Barry has allowed me to publish as is - so here you are:

Hi Tony,
My name is Barry Walsh and I just wanted to say your blog is a great source of solid info, and cheers for putting it together.

I'm involved in some research into Energy Storage at the moment and have been following the Regenysis - VRB Power - Bust saga and some of the entertaining Plurion banter on your blog. I thought it might be relevant to that it seems there is a new buyer of the IP.Prudent Energy of China owned by JD Holdings

Vanadium batteries are becoming a poisoned chalice, so I hope they make some progress! Just thought I'd let you know,

Best Regards,
Barry Walsh

Hi Barry - Many thanks for your email. I am always very happy to receive input to the blog. I would like to publish your letter as is. Is it OK to print your name or do you wish to be anonymous?

Regards and thanks,
Tony McGinley

Hi Tony, Sure no worries, just glad to be getting involved - someone might know some more about it. I personally am interested in seeing energy storage developments, as its clear Grid 25

- wont come in time to save many of the wind projects that are being held up, and even if the Eirgrid do sort things out quicker than expected there are still load levelling issues that will require energy storage tech.

It will be an interesting race by the looks of it - and there are some interesting talkers at the ESA meeting in Washington in May. Anyone, I'm sure I'll be talking to you again,

Thanks and Regards,
Barry Walsh.


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