Friday, October 31, 2008

Misleading Energy Adverts Part 4


Inaccurate Energy Adverts
Part 4

My post on "Misleading Energy Adverts" has drawn a bit of interest and the following comment is from a typically confused householder.

I thought I would share it as a post with you, along with my attempt to address the issue raised.

Blogger Donncha said...

I had no idea, but also unfortunately we don't have any room thermostat, only the dial on the boiler.

The only non-boiler control is the central heating timer which can be set at 30 minute intervals.

Should we set the boiler up high and set the timer to go on/off every consecutive 30 minute chunk of time?
'Course not, we need to get those radiator thermostats I presume. Our little baby boy would have a lot of fun with those!

1:36 PM


Hi Donncha,

Your installation is a very typical one where money was saved by not including a room thermostat. There are a couple of ways you could address the problem:

1. As you mentioned, fit thermostatic valves to the radiators. This is a messy and quite costly exercise, as the valves are expensive, and the system would have to be drained and the valves fitted by a plumber.

2. You might consider another option, that of retro-fitting a room thermostat. This requires just one pair of wires to be brought to the circulating pump, and there a very simple connection to be made. If cable can easily be threaded from your living room to where the pump is situated, you would have a very inexpensive job. A room-stat is cheap and the connection is quick and simple. You would also eliminate the problem of placing attractive knobs and bits at child level!!!


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