Thursday, October 30, 2008

Misleading energy Adverts part 3!


Misleading and Inaccurate
Energy Saving Adverts

I thought I would share with you this comment by Patrick at

Greennav said:

You raise an interesting problem. That is that explaining complicated engineering issues is not possible in the sound bite world we live in. Another ad they have tells people not to run the washing machine between 5 and 7, but I imagine 9/10 people don't understand why.

So what is the solution? (Not rhetorically... I'm really asking that question)


Hi Patrick, Thank you for your comment. I agree that there is a difficulty here. IMHO the solution is simple. Use properly directed advertising. People are not stupid and will learn fast where money is involved. If they are told that they are losing money by incorrectly setting their heating - the message will stick.

SEI and between them have some very well paid executives who's job it is to think up this stuff. I am sure, in this case, you would agree that they are not doing a very good job.


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