Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Massive Energy Saving Small Cost



Shout Out Loud

If Ireland was to fit fireplace doors to just a quarter of the open fires in the country, it would save twice or maybe three time the energy that all the fancy "geo-thermal", "wood-pellet", and "solar water heater" systems to date put together would save in a year. Additionally, the effort would generate jobs and have a lasting benefit for many years to come. All the fancy SEI grants systems have cost the country countless millions and the overall benefit in energy savings against capital expenditure is not great.

Fireplace doors only cost a couple of hundred Euro including fitting and they would save vast amounts of energy every year for many years to come.

Open fire are here for some time yet.

Open fires are not going to go out of fashion any time soon in Ireland. In fact, they are still the primary and in many cases, the only, heating source for a large chunk of the population.

Both the cost and complexity of fitting fireplace doors is minimal - the saving on fuel is a minimum of 50%. In some cases there would be a 75% advantage.

But do you think that SEI, or any Government agency, representative or minister will ever listen to the idea or think about it???

I know I don't qualify to be listened to but ...

I guess that I have to accept that I do not have the qualifying set of fancy letters after my name, nor do I have the gravitas of a Dublin 4 address, or wear an Armani business suit (or any suit for that matter), nor do I have the €100,000 a year government salary and guaranteed pension that would put me in a position of authority, not do I have cozy chats in fancy pubs with Government ministers, or any other qualifying attributes, so I guess my calls, shouts, and pleas to Government to look seriously at this idea will be ignored. So shut up and go home!

End of rant.

Thanks for listening.


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