Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Madonna and Child
Could this be you and your child?


This current financial crisis or global financial meltdown as it has recently been termed – I ask myself; what is causing it? IMHO it is essentially it is caused by DISHONESTY - GREED and SPECULATION. The mega-rich are getting richer on the backs of the poor and starving.

The situation begs the question; has the human race progressed at all since the time of the cave man? I think not. Sure, we have technology and sophistication, or perhaps sophistry would be a better term to use, but we totally lack the moral and spiritual insight needed to run the machines of society. We are attempting to operate a modern world using caveman laws of “the law of the jungle”. The only palpable evidence of change in human society in a million years, is that we have found more sophisticated means of subjugating, robbing and killing one another.

There is plenty in this world to go around but the power hungry, greedy and dishonest aim to claim it all for themselves. That hasn’t changed and will not change unless the world collectively finds a different set of rules. We need a new instruction manual for our world.

Isn’t it about time that the world acted as one nation and treated all the people as children of that nation. Isn’t time for a proper “United Nations” with a global police force and an anti-fraud squad, or would that be a vice squad, capable of banning commodity speculation, arms dealing, etc., and powerful enough to jail the players for robbing and causing starvation and death by their actions?

The financial meltdown is forcing a somewhat child-like attempt at unified action but only in money matters. The talk surrounding the action is heavily loaded with words like ethics, transparency, and accountability. If similar worldwide co-operative actions could be taken in dealing with crime, dictators and warlords, and the other myriad problems facing us, there might actually be some hope for the future of humanity!

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