Monday, April 30, 2007

Save on CFL Bulbs in Ireland


An Irish Business Offering Variety
and Savings on CFL Bulbs

Go On - Go On - Go On - - Save yourself money and save the environment by buying CFL bulbs at a discount. Avocalite in Co Wicklow are offering a really good range of CFL bulbs, including the nice twirly ones and the candle types at good prices. Order €60 worth and they will post the order to you free of charge.

The ordinary CFL bulb is only €2.22 that a heck of a saving over Tesco. The nice candle shaped CFL bulbs are €2.97 each and they have High Power ones of 30 watts which give the light of a 150watt ordinary bulb for €4.45. You and a friend could order together and make up the €60 for free postage.

Just in case you are thinking - I have NO connection or arrangement whatsoever with AvocaLite. Just passing on a good deal.

Sorry guys I had neglected to include a link for AvocaLite, here it is:


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