Monday, April 23, 2007

Irish Doctor Death


Ya -Ya -Ya I know I know - - This is supposed to be a Renewable Energy Blog. I just have to have a rant at the Irish hospital consultants. These highly paid people who earn on average 10 times more that the ordinary worker, their salary is in the region of €200,000 per year or €3846 per week, are going to hold the Irish public to ransom in an even more despicable and low handed move than any ESB worker. These poor consultants are not happy with the salary and deal they have, poor guys we should all pass the hat around for them!!!

They are about to take industrial action to disrupt essential medical services because of:

1. Greed.
2. Irresponsibility.
3. Professional Arrogance.
4. Total Disregard for the public.
5. Professional Misconduct.

This action, if carried out, would earn them the undisputed world title of Doctor Death.

They have already the reputation half earned by their ability to help spread MRSA in Irish hospitals, making Ireland hospitals among the most dangerous in the world.


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