Monday, April 16, 2007

New World of LED Lighting


New Ultra Efficient
High Power LED lamps
the next generation in lighting technology

Saving energy and cuting down on carbon emissions got a boost recently from Osram who have produced a new type of very hight efficiency lighting. The edited techno-speak from Osram reads:

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents its first coldwhite LED to achieve more than 1000 lumen. This means it is brighter than a 50 W halogen lamp, making it ideal for a wide range of everyday applications. Samples of the new OSTAR Lighting LED will be produced in the next three months. Market launch is planned for summer 2007. (They don't indicate the price these things will sell at)

The LED is equipped with six closely packed 1 mm² high-power chips giving high luminance. What this means is that a single OSTAR Lighting with a 38° reflector is all that is needed to illuminate a desk with more than 500 lux (a good amount of light) from a height of two meters. OSTAR is also settings new standards in efficiency, producing 75 lm/W from an operating current of 350 mA. Here is a link to their site with some more news on the new type of lighting:

Send me a sample please guys when they are ready!!!!


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