Sunday, April 22, 2007

ESB Workers Threaten the Nation Again



ESB Workers Declare Jihad on Irish Nation

I was saying recently that I felt it is time to scrap the ESB. The workers would seem to agree with the idea and have set about self destruction by declaring a Jihad against the Irish people in an effort to blackmail the Irish Government into maintaining the Frankenstein Monster of an inefficient, badly run, overpriced state monopoly that is the ESB.

The worker say they will hold the security, safety and economic well-being of the Irish people and the nation itself to ransom by causing power blackouts. Thus putting lives at risk, jobs at risk and the ecomomic wellbeing of the country at risk.

The best thing ever to happen to telephones and communication in Ireland was the scrapping of Telecom Eireann. Now it is time to hunt and destroy this ESB monster.

This is WAR!!!


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