Monday, March 05, 2007

Wake up Irish Government!


Is Appears the Irish People

are Awake to the Energy Crisis
BUT NOT so the Government!!!!!

New EU figures suggest that 88% of the Irish public believe the country's energy usage is having a negative impact on climate. Nearly 50% are very concerned about global warming. A huge 94% of the Irish people want minimum targets set for wind, tidal and solar energy. (And by heck - the Government are right in there with MINIMUM - minimum - minimum)

Just under 50% think the government should subsidise these energy strategies. Over 90% said they believed they would have to makes changes in their use of energy within the next decade.

The survey done by the European Commission revealed huge backing from Irish people for renewable power.

The survey results were announced by the Government when it unveiled its Bio-energy Action Plan.

You could be forgiven for being totally under-whelmed by the Government's daring and ground-braking action plan. (Sarcasm - in case you don't recognise it!)

The Plan now reads:
· By 2020 a 33% of electricity in Ireland will come from renewables.
· All peat fired electricity plants will be co-fired by 30% renewables 2015.
· 12% of residential and commercial heating will be by renewables by 2020,
· and a miserly 5% of heating by 2010.
· By 2009 all petrol and diesel will have 5.75% biofuel in the mix, cutting.

The highly paid government advisors are just not considering the energy savings to be made by encouraging proper insulation in homes and businesses, a once off investment. Nor are they considering the 10% electricity savings that CFL bulbs would make.

It would make you want to cry!!


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