Thursday, March 29, 2007

ESB Workers Threaten the Public AGAIN!!!



The ESB workers are at it again. The are against the Government White Paper and are threatening Black-outs.

These overpaid and under worked bunch have no concept of what the real world is like. They remind me of Telecom Eireann workers before that useless institution was finally scrapped. Do you remember when it took three years to get a phone? or when you sat with a stop watch in your hand while making a call to the USA coz it cost so much? or when it took a team of three phone workers a day to connect a single rural house to the phone lines? or when you had to be 'nice' to Telecome workers if you wanted the job done at all? It's bloody well the same sort of thing with ESB.

Recruit Electrical Workers in Eastern Europe and Close ESB

Oh it would make me sooooo happy to see the ESB scrapped completely and confined to history like Telecom Eireann. These people have held us to ransom too many times. They are inefficient, overpaid, arrogant, and just a big pain in the ass!

Grasp the nettle Irish Government Ministers and Close ESB PLEASE!


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