Thursday, March 22, 2007

ESB Increased Charges Explained


Explaining the Incease in Your ESB Bill

I received a little booklet with my latest ESB Bill which, both in Irish and in English, purported to "explain the prices".

I could find no explanation whatsoever. Just a load of bunk about how good the company are and how to "read" your inflated bill.

Here is an Explanation for the Increases

1. The ESB is one of the highest paid companies in Europe. They pay themselves way above the average.

2. The ESB is one of the most inefficient businesses in Europe. Just look at how long their workers take to do a job, and note also their couldn't care less attitude to work.

3. They have lousy customer service and a terrible attitude to the public. This arrogance comes form the fact that they have state secured jobs and secured pensions. Working is just an inconvenience to ESB employees.

4. They have a lousy green energy policy. 85% of power is from imported carbon fuels and ESB is also responsible for destroying our bogs - burning an irreplacable herritage.


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