Friday, February 23, 2007



Today I Formally Cancelled
Wood Pellet Grant Application

After almost a year of research into wood pellet boilers and stoves, as well as into the fuel itself, I have made the decision to cancel my SEI Grant Application. I formally did that this morning.

Grant or no grant, wood pellet boilers are not a good investment in Ireland just yet. I have given the reasons, 12 reasons in fact, for this in previous Blogs.

Hopefully in a year or so, boilers of better design and cheaper price will be available, along with better wood pellet supplies and stable prices for the fuel. There will also be better general knowledge in the marketplace about what are good, bad, or indifferent boilers, what are proper prices, and what are good practices. At that time, I will reconsider installing a wood pellet boiler.

For now I am sticking with my oil fired central heating because it is almost 100% reliable, spares and repairs are reasonably priced, and the cost of oil has come down a good deal.

This Blog?

Well, I fully intend to maintain this blog and to extend the interest more into insulation and other fuel saving methods, and into biomass some more.


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