Saturday, February 17, 2007

SEI is a Joke


"SEI is a Joke"
A Letter from Ed

Just like to let you know reading your blog. Just to let you know that there's more problems than supply. I am in the process of buying a stove as extra heating the house. Now getting a stove is no problem but getting an installer for the grant is a joke.

The SEI list has installers but most, aren't able to commission the stoves so you have to get another guy to commission it. The guys installing it don't know what they're doing they haven't seen most of the models on the market (not surprising considering the number)

SEI is a joke. Its system doesn't work.

I've wasted so much time on this so far it's unbelievable. I've found one supplier who fits and supplies the stoves so here's hoping. Its just I want a space heater for the office that doesn't need too much filling and maintenance and its better than the alternatives (gas , electric). But the SEI is a joke. Its system doesn't work. The listed suppliers are just tax checked, there seems to be no check on what they can do.

Keep up the good work.



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