Wednesday, February 21, 2007


SEI Installer Information is No Joke!!

A Letter in Reply to Ed of the last post

Thank you for all the work you have put into your blog over the last year.

I fully believe people like Ed should not be left thinking that the process of getting the SEI grant using an SEI approved installer is a complete joke, unfortunately, Ed's experience is not a one-of-case. Certainly, I know that those who contact a Galway company called Jedcoe, get offered the option of a full solution and full after sales service, and there are other companies like Jedcoe that offer a comprehensive service, not just the sale of a pellet stove with no installation / commissioning, technical support or quick repair service should this need occur.

For the record this view comes from a person connected to the business.

It is true getting a pellet stove is no problem but it also true getting an installer is no problem. All the information is on the SEI website, believe it, you just need to look in the right place.

Don’t look just at the registered list of installers, instead look at the Registered Product/Supplier List - Pellet Stoves and choose the pellet stove best for your needs and listed immediately below are the registered agent(s). Contact these companies and get an all-in price i.e. sale of pellet stove or boiler + installation/commissioning.
Any pellet stove supplier that will not install/commission is better avoided. What chance do you have if anything goes wrong with your pellet stove if the seller will not install/commission?? Further no one installer will be able to fit all brands of pellet stoves
as there is no universal standardisation.

Jedco are a distributor and direct seller to the public country wide of Canadian wood pellet stoves, costing between Eur2250, Eur2750. All are available including fitting with installation/commissioning, for approximately Eur300 for connection to an existing flue-lined chimney or Eur500-600 for a high-grade twin-wall insulated stainless steel fluing system out through your external wall. All Jedcoe direct sales / installations come with a two year warranty on ALL electrical components.

I would point out that the oil fired boiler market works just fine with seperate sellers such as Heatmerchants etc. and installations being done by plumbers or installers. There is no reason why this type of situation could not apply to wood pellet heating in the future. What is causing problems currently are the cowboys and profiteers hopping on the grant bandwagon, combined with SEI's bad management of the scheme. Ed (as in Editor)


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