Monday, February 12, 2007

BioMass Heaters

I have been asked by several readers about heater/boilers suitable for general biomass. I came across a series of heater units sold by an Irish company These units will burn straw, miscanthus, willow biomass, log or chipped wood, in fact just about any bio fuel.

Problem is they are HUGE and somewhat ugly units that could only sit comfortably in an industrial or agricultural setting.

These monsters will hapily eat whole bales of any old straw and give lots of heat from what might be considered as rubbish by some.

This beauty will heat 13 radiators while burning straw or wood shavings etc., enough for a big house or even a small factory

Its called the Dragonheater D8. Double pass size. The makers blurb says:

Perfect for energy recovery from any form of legal biomass. Suitable for Farmers, joinery shops etc. 75KW output. Suitable to feed 13 radiators. Size (a whacking great) 1530 x 1470 x 2260.

Feedstock can include: wood chip, pellets, straw bales, wood off cuts. Price excludes Flue assembly, and fitting. Price: €8,600.00 (Excluding: VAT at 21%)

If you want to know more ask the Irish Dealers:
Waste Solutions Ltd
Unit 4
Westpoint Trade Centre
Tel: 353-21-4214901

If anyone out there has one of these beauties running, I would appreciate some feedback on its performance.

PS. I am happy to post a clarification on the price of DragonHeaters from the Irish dealer, , who advise that prices exclude delivery from UK, flue assembly, fitting by a plumber, and Vat at 21%


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