Saturday, August 04, 2012

Spanish Parliamentarians Shame the Irish


Well Done Spain
If only Ireland could show
The Same Moral Backbone

I have just been reading the news that 64 out of 85 of Spain's previous government members have not taken their end of term hand-outs or pension sums, thus saving Spain about €5,000.000.

Five million is no more than a spit in the wind - but that is not the point here. It is NOT the money that counts - it is the honour, decency, ethics, morals, and backbone that has been demonstrated that gains my respect.

Wonder if the Spanish action could possibly embarrass the Irish crowd of greedy shysters into making a similar gesture?

I suggest that the Irish Dáil vote to take a 50% cut in their excessive salaries and to cap their immoral expenses - they just might then gain some respect and backing from the people.


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