Sunday, August 05, 2012

HSE Robbery Wasting Millions


Huge State Enema
Better Title for this Monster
As They Flush Our Money 
Down the Toilet

The Irish Health Service HSE are costing the Irish taxpayer some 12 times more for drugs than the generic equivalents purchased by the British Health Service are costing UK tax payers.

One example given in reports says the HSE pays 37 Euro for generic Plavix, a blood thinning medicine, while the British NHS is paying only 3 Euro for exactly the same medicine.

To add insult to injury, a completely half-arsed excuse for this immoral situation is offered by the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Ireland. They say the reason for the 34 Euro difference is because generic drugs have a low market share in Ireland and that the Irish Medicines Board have ruled that manufacturers have to package their wares in a unique way for Ireland. Oh you don't say?

OMG I am bursting a gut here with the anger I feel for these useless, immoral shysters, complete wasters, rip-off merchants - that run the Irish public services – a line from an old movie comes to mind - - "Try 'em and hang 'em high".

TREASON: A violation of allegiance to one's country. The betrayal of a trust, a breach of faith, or an act of treachery.
This disgraceful and immoral behaviour IMHO amounts to nothing less than TREASON in the current climate.


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