Thursday, August 09, 2012

Chimney Dampers Draught Excluders


Chimney Sheep
yea you read it right

Last December I wrote a post on heat loss from chimneys and covered some of the ideas available with which to block off unused open chimneys.

I had a note from Sally Phillips who runs a business called "Chimney Sheep" telling me of a cute and simple idea - a removable damper made of sheepswool felt, They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit most chimneys. Sally will even make up a special if you have an unusual chimney.

I don't usually give plugs to business' on this site - I get many requests - However, Sally's little industry caught my fancy and I am all for giving the small guy and cottage industry a leg-up if possible. Sally is making no special claims for this idea. It is simply a chimney stopper -  for unused chimneys - that will effectively stop the chimney behaving like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up air and thus save a lot of heat - especially on windy winter nights.

Here is a link to Sally's web site:


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