Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wood Briquettes Eco Logs 3rd look


A 3rd Look
at Wood Briquettes

I decided to take a closer look at the round type of pale coloured compressed wood briquette in order to give a fair comparison between types.

As you can see in the above photos, I have again taken a roughly 14cm piece of the eco log and placed it on a hot fire. After 30 minutes approximately, it has expanded to almost 29cm.

The picture above show the burn 30 minutes in - still plenty of burn left but it has swelled up into a loose mass which, as I said, is just short of 29cm.

So how did I measure in the fire? I used a large 9" stainless steel dividers caliper to take the measure and then read it on a rule..

The characteristics are very similar to the square type one. It expands just a bit more but the burn is very similar. I have just checked the burn and some 45 minutes of burning leaves a very soft mass still giving heat but not for too long more I think. 55 minutes and it has just about gone completely.

Little to choose between the two pale briquettes

There is very little to choose between these two type of eco log briquette. The round one expands just a bit more to just over twice its original length, while the squarer type expands a little less and hold its texture just a tad better. Ultimately, I feel that the differences are insignificant. I still do not like the burning characteristics of this type of eco log.


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