Tuesday, February 07, 2012

In Ireland "beatings will continue until morale improves"


Is Ireland Currently

The Government in seemingly blind and hasty desperation has imposed, among other hardships, an indiscriminate and inequitable poll tax - otherwise called a household charge on every home in Ireland. This was done without the slightest effort to determine ability to pay.  Is it not realised that historically poll taxes have caused civil unrest and even wars?

Under the current "Irish" arrangements a person living in poverty, lacking sufficient heat, food or medical care, and perhaps living in a house needing serious maintenance, still has to pay the same tax / charge as the guy earning €300,000+, owning three homes, 4 cars, two racehorses, and many foreign investments.

IMHO, not only has this tax been imposed without due consideration, but at the same time those in the parliament and in the Irish senate are themselves gouging the system by grabbing and vociferously holding onto  ignoble, immoral, and indefensible levels of expenses and salaries.

Beatings will continue until morale improves

Unfortunately, it would appear that the Irish government has taken a most belligerent approach to imposing this inequitable tax. "PAY UP OR ELSE" is the essence of the war cry . "WE WILL GET YOU  - FINE YOU  - MAKE YOU PAY - TAKE IT FROM YOUR WAGES" .  "BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES"

This is truly an unsustainable situation.

It would appear that the Irish people are responding to this approach by not responding, as less than 3% have registered for the household charge, Additionally, there are growing protests all over the country.

As I have already said.

Not until the hard-pressed and poorer half of the (Irish) population see the well-off paying their fair share. Not until the government have the gonads to take on a bloated and inefficient public service sector. Not until the Irish Parliament take a moral lead by reducing their own huge salaries and pensions by a substantial amount, like 50%, and not until they additionally limit their obscene and obese expenses to say €10,000 of ticketed items a year, will there be any appetite in the population for the hair-shirt taxation now being placed on rich and poor alike.

(The current political situation)
It is a déja vu situation echoing  past times when Charlie Haughy, addressing the nation, told the Irish people to tighten their belts, while, at the very same time, he was buying a bunch of Charvet shirts in Paris for £16,000 or what amounted to more than two years income for most.


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