Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smoking Stoves Downdraught and Cowls


I have written, fairly extensively, about down draughts, pressure zones, smoking fires and stoves, and some of the means of fixing those problems.

One item that helps, in a lot of cases, is the "Anti-Downdraught Cowl". This type of cowl utilises the Venturi effect. (If you want to find out more look up my previous posts on the subject).

The problem is the cost of anti-downdraught cowls. Up to fairly recently this type of cowl was brought in from the UK and the average retail price was well over €100. The price put a fair few people off trying one of these cowls.

An Irish company now make a tidy stainless steel version of the anti-downdraught cowl and the recommended retail price - including VAT is just €55.

The cowl is made by EuroCowls Cork and the designation of this particular cowl is the "Static". At €55 RRP inc. of VAT it represents great value and additionally supports Irish business.


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