Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ireland's Heating Scandal


High Fuel Poverty Rate in Ireland
Oh go on add to it
Tax it some more!!

A couple of posts back I asked on heating oil prices, "who is ripping the public off in the Rip-Off Republic". I have been trying to answer my own question since. So far I have come up with the following:

The biggest contributor 
to the Fuel Poverty Crisis 
in the Republic of Ireland
is the Irish Government. 

The oil companies are certainly NOT BLAMELESS. But, they are the lesser offenders.

Here is how it breaks down:

Gallagher Fuels N. Irl. £560 for 1000L or  €652 inc 5%VAT
Cheaper Oil (Oh Yea) N. Irl.  £587 for 1000L or €694 inc. 5% VAT

Take away the 5% UK VAT:

Gallagher Fuels you get  €621
Cheaper Oil (Oh Yea) you now get €661

Add the HEAVY 8.40% Irish Carbon Tax:

Gallagher Fuels  beomes €673
Cheaper Oil (Oh Yea) goes up to  €716

Then add the very special Rip-off Republic VAT at 13.5% icing on top of the Carbon Tax Cake:

Gallagher Fuels  peaks at €764
Cheaper Oil (Oh Yea) rises to €812

So after being robbed by our own government the prices still should be lower in the Republic. Somewhere between €764 at the cheapest to €812 at the dearest.

God bless the Rip-Off Republic. It is about time the Irish Government taxed the rich and not burdened the poor with their Tax on essential fuels.

Mind you - the Irish Government are doing a lot to encourage Cross-Border trade - especially in Home Heating Oil!!


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