Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Heating Oil Price Rip-Off Scandal


Heating-Oil Price Scandal
The Plot Thickens

I have been doing a bit more digging on prices of Home Heating Oil and another obvious scandal appears to be emerging.

Prices from lowest to highest quoted on the Internet in Irish Republic per 1000 litres:

Jones Oil - - €815
Emo Oil - - €820
Sutton Oil (Bord na Mona)  - - €827

Do you notice anything about these prices? Can you observe any pattern? Well - there is less than 1.50% variation in the quoted price from lowest to highest.

But does that 1.50% maximum variation in the prices quoted say anything to you?????  Does that start any alarm bell ringing in you head??

The big red light that is flashing in my head says: "PRICE FIXING CARTELS" and  "BEWARE RIP-OFF SCENE"

By comparison the lowest and highest price I found in Northern Ireland per 1000l:

Gallagher Fuels £560 for 1000L or  €652
Cheaper Oil (Oh Yea) £587 for 1000L or €694

Republic Price is 27% higher 
than N. Ireland price

Apart from the GLARING - SICKENING - IMMORAL price difference with the Republic - do you notice any other factor in these prices?

The difference between the lowest and the highest is a healthy and good-for-business 6.50%. While in the Rip-Off Republic there has to be price fixing going on when the greatest price difference to be found is a insignificant and piddling 1.50%.

Ireland - you never lost it - you are still the king of the Rip-Off.

Please write - phone, or email your representatives - Government Offices - The Competition  Authority - The News Papers and Radio - and get this Rip-Off story out there and dealt with.


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