Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heat or Eat - Screw the Environment


By next year 
the Irish Government 
will have almost 20% tax 
on Home Heating Oil

Heating oil prices are currently pushing towards  €900 per fill.  Last time I checked the quote was €835 per 1000L. The Irish government is soon going to add another hunk of tax onto to this price - in the next couple of months in fact.

They will add a further 8.40% Carbon Tax - on top of which will be loaded VAT at 13.50% that adds up to 9.534%. The current cost of a fill at €835 will increase to €914.60.

Most households use a fill and a half over the winter months. The yearly heating cost will rise to €1371.90. Plus of course add in your electrical usage and any stoves or fires you use.

What is my answer? 

Well I have decided to go more with coal as the main heating method. Yes  - - I full well know that it is more carbon intensive - and that by using it - it goes against environmental policy and the government’s policy.

Reduce Carbon or Stay Warm

Buy hey - it is cheaper a lot cheaper - and if the government used some joined-up-thinking, they might figure that people - at least ones like me -  who have to watch their money carefully, will go with the cheaper way of heating regardless. Efficient stoves and using smokeless coal at €14 per 40Kg bag.

The carrot will always work better than the stick - not rocket science!! If poorer people are expected to go "Green" and "Environmentally Friendly" then there will have to be financial inducements to do so. Like, may I suggest, cost-price and government subsidised carbon fuel alternatives like biomass and wood briquettes etc. at really attractive prices. Instead of the price inflated and highly taxed current situation.

In the next post I will discuss the use of coal in stoves and give some pointers on coal price and availability.

Sustainability Stresses our Poorer Citizens

So am I going against the Sustainable Energy ethic?  You bet ya - as long as the "Green" movement penalises the less well-off!! As it stands, sustainable energy is a luxury for the rich.


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