Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sustainability and Junk Mail from An Post


One Mornings Worth of An Post Junk Mail

Junk Mail Adds to Energy Wastage

This morning the postman put one letter into my letter box. At the same time he also put no less than eight separate pieces of Junk-Mail advertising through my door.

It has gone too far - I am totally annoyed - totally pissed-off - and just plain finished with the Irish National Postal Service loading their rubbish through my door. If nothing else, it is a massive waste of natural resources. It takes energy to dispose of this rubbish, and it costs me money, in garbage disposal costs, to dispose of An Post's rubbish mail.

I have therefore devised a "cunning plan" which I am determined to carry out. I am going to send all of An Post's rubbish to the CEO Mr Donal Connell along with some of my own rubbish to balance out all the tons of wasted paper they generate and stuff they put through my door over many years. I will of course NOT STAMP the envelope with this junk mail in it.

Here is my covering letter to An Post's CEO. PLEASE NOTE his address. I encourage you all to do the same with the Postal Services Junk Mail.

Mr Donal Connell
C.E.O. An Post
O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

Dear Mr. Connell,

Today the postman delivered me one letter. He also delivered eight pieces of un-addressed and uninvited junk mail.

Now the problem, apart from the annoyance of receiving uninvited junk mail advertising, is this, that I have to pay to have rubbish disposed of.  Almost every week of the year there are several pieces of An Post’s rubbish pushed into my letterbox. This means I am being forced to pay out my money to get rid of An Post’s junk mail.

I have previously complained about the junk mail problem and I asked that it is no longer delivered to my door but that request was unheeded.

So now, in order to balance out the equation - so to speak - I am returning to you personally the eight pieces of junk-mail that your company put through my door this morning, and I am also sending you some of my junk in lieu of the rubbish you have been putting through my door for several years.

I am now fully determined that I will continue to do this for as long as I continue to get junk mail through my door from An Post. I will also encourage others to take the same course of action.

Yours Sincerely,
Tony McGinley


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