Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheap Chinese LED Bulbs PART 3


Cheap Chinese LED Bulbs

I received a follow-up letter on the last post regarding my tweaking of cheap Chinese LED bulbs:

Nice catch on the thermal paste. I had pretty much given up on the LED versions and switched to the CFL ones, but this requires that I replace the mountings as the bulbs are deeper. I have some LEDs from a couple of years back, not so cheap, but they have lasted. However their light output is way below what is acceptable, how do the more recent ones stack up? I rarely find any statement of SI units of light output on any of them.  Regards: Sinbad Wilmot
Well Sinbad,  as I have stated in my posts, the light output is - for me - quite acceptable, and well above older offerings which had miserable light output. 
I have not bothered to use my light meter to get a scientific measurement - nor do I intend to. You will have to be content with my subjective assessment. 
I will just say this much, that the light output from these 4watt LEDs -  is more than a 20watt halogen and less than a 35watt halogen equivalent type of bulb. This fact, along with the quality of the light being fairly consistent, and the price at around $6 a pop - is good enough for me to run with these bulbs. The question as yet unanswered is: Will these bulbs last the march of time?


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