Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Politics in Ireland!!


Least Trusted Professionals
in Ireland
The Politicians

A recent opinion survey clearly indicates that politicians are, by far, the least trusted profession in Ireland? Gee I wonder why ever that might be the case, that the Irish public don't trust the very people they themselves have elected as their representatives, and law makers??

It would seem that a massive, and truly staggering, 88% of Irish people say they do not trust politicians. That figure reflects very poorly indeed on the profession.

Turn the statement the other way around, and you get; politicians are perceived, by the greater majority of Irish people, to be untrustworthy, in other words, liars and cheats. Politics is not a career of choice for the foreseeable future I would think.

I guess banking would not be too far behind!! It would seem that the various pillars on which our society is built are crumbling and disintegrating rapidly. Wonder where this trend is leading?


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