Monday, December 06, 2010

Ireland's Financial Problems - a comment


A Comment 
Ireland's Financial Problems

Some comments - I publish as comments - some are above the bar and deserve a better hearing. So it is with this comment from "Mo". Why do I think this? Well I guess because I believe very much as he does, that the age of wastefulness and endless expansion is at an end.

Mo has left a new comment on your post "Ireland's Financial Problems":

I sense that we're all on that same train. The only difference is that Ireland is a few cars ahead of many others.

The prosperity we have enjoyed will probably be viewed as an anomaly in human history. Our lifestyle and economy's dependence on cheap energy and perpetual growth will likely find the precipice (assuming we haven't already) and the landing looks like it'll be a hard one.

I doubt it will be long before sustainable lifestyles will no longer be a choice - it will be a matter of survival.


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