Sunday, December 05, 2010

Apologies for Off-Subject Posts


Apologies to Regular Readers

I owe an apology to my regular readers for so many off-subject posts recently.  I have just felt so frustrated, depressed, and immensely angry about the gross mis-management of our beautiful Ireland, that I have had to use my blog as a safety valve and let off some steam.

Those that have cost the Irish people so much, are the ones who, through their own designs, are most insulated from the fall-out of their actions.

So many Irish people are in a position where they cannot pay their electricity bills and have to suffer the darkness and cold, as well as the humiliation. That they should also have to suffer seeing government ministers retire on a salary of €315,000 a year is sickening and a disgrace to the Irish spirit.

This is not our finest hour.


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