Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Giga Watt MagLev Wind Turbines


More than 3 Years on,
No MagLev Turbines!

Just over three years ago I posted articles on some proposed giant 2 Giga Watt+ maglev wind turbines. 

The idea was very appealing to me - but even without the technical knowledge to assess the viability of the proposals, I had a strong feeling that these images would not soon be translated into reality. In other words, I would not be investing any money in the projects even if I had money to invest!

To the present time, and to the best of my knowledge, the notion had still not made it off paper, and "as time goes by" I wonder if it ever will.

Writing this blog has taught me that if 10% of inventions, widely reported and touted at their inception, ever make it to the real world, it would be great odds indeed.

The development of photocells, wind generators, water generators, and batteries, so far, have not substantially changed in three years.

The odd and wacky - over-unity type devices, while still touting for investors in the media, have not materialised either.


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