Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spirit of Ireland an Idea of it's Time


Personally, I am very excited and energised by the recent "Spirit of Ireland" energy proposal. I have been doing some research into aspects of the proposal and of the organisation, and will publish here soon a synopsis of:

(a) What exactly is proposed.
(b) The structure of the current project management.
(c) The proposed evolution of the project, ownership, funding etc. and
(d) An outline of the philosophy behind the entire proposal and how this might pan out in the future.

This exercise is more about my own need for clarification than for any other reason. I am open to correction on any misinformation that might creep into the post. Give me a few days to get to publishing stage.



TrueRenew said...

Hi Tony,

I think you will find the forum on their website quite good. The feeling I get is that the initial press release was to create an impact...which it did, but in reality their main short term goal is to test the feasibility of a small number of sites.
I personally feel that it's a great project and should get the full support of all stakeholders involved. However I hope that people are not disappointed when we see the difference in the initial claims to the actual reality in the next few years. I hope this does not have a negative impact for them in the long term.

Love your blog,

Kind regards,

Brian Fox


Graham said...


I am leading the Spirit of Ireland Project. We will be happy to provide all the information you need. We are very very heavily due to the enormous response. I'll try to provide all the responses you need by the weekend.

Kindest regards,

Graham O'Donnell