Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nano-Stuff for Solar Cells


New Nano-Stuff for Solar Cells!!

Researchers at the Rensselaer Institute NY have discovered a new anti reflective coating. Eh - is that a WOW or what??

So what – I hear the chorus from the great unwashed. Well my friends, if this stuff does what it says on the tin, it can absorb up to 96% of sunlight.

Wow ain't that just dandy – you say!! So what then? Well – the problem with solar cells is that the blighters do not take in half enough of the sunlight that shines on them. They are also VERY fussy about the angle of the light. In other words, they have to exactly face the angle of the sunlight to be efficient. Now that is a bastard to arrange, as the sun has the habit of moving all over the darn sky. So real bright guys and boffins have made these gizmos that move about and keep the solar cells pointing towards the light. The trouble with that is the gizmos are VERY expensive and also quite troublesome.

Now this new nano-whats-it stuff when painted, sprayed or whatever, onto the surface of a solar cell can – we hope – if it does what it says on the tin - allow the PV solar cell to absorb most of the sunlight, and not only that, it can take in the sunlight from almost any angle!! Now that is an impressive claim.

Lets get a few cans of this stuff and paint our PV cell –shall we?

I wish the boffins well in developing this new nano-stuff and I hope it can do what they say it can do.

We will wait and see!!


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