Thursday, November 06, 2008

LED versus Halogen footnote


LED v/s Halogen

The dealer I purchased the 5 watt LED MR16 from, LinLin House, has revised their advertising blurb after I made a complaint that it was misleading. It no longer appears to claim that their 5watt LED can match a 50 watt halogen.

The 5watt LED element as taken through
the lens of the lamp

I was interested in what type of LED element this lamp contained. I was dis-inclined to open the unit because I might not get it back together again and that would be a waste of a perfectly good $25 worth of a lamp. So if you are curious, you will have to knacker your own lamp to find out!!

I had a go at photographing the LED element through the lens of the lamp. As you can see in the above photo, the LED element is made up of 3 rows of dots. There would appear to be a dead pixel in the centre, but this may be by design.

LED replacement lamps are certainly improving in the quality and quantity of light output, and the price is dropping almost monthly. When they reach twice the current output of light, and sell at half the current cost, they will then be a very viable alternative. In the meantime, I would consider them an expensive curiosity and would not be fitting out my house with them just yet.


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