Thursday, November 27, 2008

LED lamps v/s Tungsten


New Type
Multi-LED Lamp

This is the LED in question photo taken from the dealers site.

I have just this morning received a new type of 2 watt LED lamp from a Hong Kong EBay link as follows: DEALER The goods were actually sent from LinLin House (pin9999tw) in Taiwan R.O.C. I am not sure of the connection or how it works, suffice it to say delivery was fast and the lamps are good.

Firstly, in reviewing these lamps, let me say I am well impressed. These MR16 12 volt lamps use only 2 watts of power but give a VERY respectable light output. The bulb consists of 48 little LED lights crammed into the plastic cased fitting. This type of LED fitting previously was just terrible, they gave a bluish light and very poor output. The light from the older type was just plain depressing.

20 Watt Halogen light-pool on left, and 2 Watt LED on right
The 2 Watt LED gave a very good account of itself!

The quality of light from this new lamp is quite acceptable as you can see in the above photo. The lamp is nominally "warm white", but in fact, it is a very warm - warm white. The very warm white would not suit in business situations but gives a comforting warmth in domestic use.

The amount of light output is about 80% that of a 20 watt halogen lamp - a respectable performance by any standard. These lamps come in both spotlight and wide angle. They also come in 12 volt MR16 fitting and in GU10 220volt. But there is better to follow.

Here is the really good bit!

Here is the really good bit, there LED bulbs can be purchased for under €6 six Euro each, including shipping!!!! At that price they represent a bargain and will pay back, many times over, in saved electricity and long life expectancy.


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