Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two TeraWatts of Solar per Year?


2 TeraWatts

per Year

of Solar Panels?

I have been upsetting my brain trying to get it straight in my head the business of MegaWatts, GigaWatts, and TeraWatts.

Having spent some time Googling for the simplest explanations, I think I might have it?

A MegaWatts of electricity = 1000 single bar electric fires worth of power, or 10,000 100 watt light bulbs of power.

A GigaWatts is 1000 times a MegaWatt = 1 million I bar electric fires worth of juice!

A TeraWatt is 1000 times a GigaWatt = 1 billion or 1000 million electric fires worth of electrical energy. That is a lot of energy!!

Martin Roscheisen, NanoSoalr's CEO

Now if I understand the publicity blurb given out by NanoSolar correctly, and if of course they are not completely exaggerating the claim, I hear them suggesting that inside of maybe a year or two they could be churning out between 1 and 2 TeraWatts of Solar panel material each year!!!

Correct me guys if I have got it arse ways!!

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