Saturday, June 28, 2008

Turbine in a Box Follow-up


A Thought (maybe daft)

on Micro Wind Turbines

Following on my post on the “Wind Turbine in a Box”, I was thinking about micro wind turbines and how they generate power. The general trend is to use a hub generator and sometimes a gearbox.

The idea of an annular generator appeals a lot to me, as it eliminates the need of a gearbox. But a hub mounted annular generator still ties the design up in many ways. Looking at the picture of the “Turbine in a Box” turbine, which it is said has no gearbox, but about which they give no further details, I imagined a rotor with a rim – instead of free-ended blades. Now if you have a rim you could place magnets around the perimeter set into the rim. You would then not need a full annular set of coils. The coils could be placed at the foot of the assembly, adding to it stability.

I think this might be the approach used in the “Turbine in a Box”

What do you think??


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David Justian said...

I'm from Muskegon, where the box was supposed to be produced since we paid for its development with our tax dollars. Howver, the numbers do not add up, it will take 32 years to recoup the $6 thousand dollar purchase price. The 'new' technology consists of magnets at the tips of the blades passing over copper wire. Ever hear of this before? Yeah, about two hundred years ago.