Monday, June 30, 2008

All Electric Cars



My post on "Sustainable Motoring" has drawn quite a bit of interest compared to many other posts I have made. I have been trawling the Net looking at some of the weird and wonderful offering in the all-electric-car market.

Here is a tiny peep at a sample of the offerings:


The XS500 by the Miles Automotive Group. Nice enough looking box but the tag is a bit in XS of 500 - if you get my meaning!! Top speed is 80+ mph. Range on a single charge 150 miles (not bad). Battery life 100,000 miles. At about €40,000 – a bit saucy!!

Also by Miles Automove the ZX40S

ZX40s has a factory price tag of $18,400 + taxes and delivery costs. Max speed is a mere 25 mph. The range on a single charge is a very tight 40 to 50 miles. (Would only be good for delivering the kids to school or the like)


Merc S Class All-Electric-Car?

The word is out that Mercedes Benz at its Research Centre in Stuttgart is developing a car that will “revolutionize the luxury auto market” - so they say!!! The “revolutionary” thing is that this car will be all electric. (nothing too revolutionary there)

Word is that it will use a lithium-ion type battery (already outdated technology guys) that can be recharged in one of two ways. One will be by plugging it in; the other option will be by a dynamo of some sort that will charge the battery while driving. (in other words it will have a secondary oil engine to charge the battery).

So far the range is limited to 170 km about 105 miles before it has to be re-charged. (Not for cross continental touring then is it?)

(If they worked on the idea of ultra-capacitors instead of batteries and got a decent range of say 300-400Km, it might be a truly revolutionary car)


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zenlia said...

The 40,000 Euro figure for the XS500 is not accurate considering Miles Automotive has not yet set a price for the XS500 in Europe. The projected price point in the US is $35,000-$39,000 depending on options. It is listed on their website at