Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Wind Generator from Cleanfield


Some Development of the Vertical Axis Windmill

Cleanfield in Canada have developed a variation of the vertical axis windmill which can generate up to 3.5Kw/h. Aptly called the V (for vertical I presume) V3.5, it’s three-metres tall and 2.75 meters in diameter. It stands on a stubby pylon for flat rooftop mounting.

The turbine blades typically turn at 120 rpm, but can go to 180 rpm (three revolutions per second) or higher in high wind. It has very low wind drag, operates at very low wind speeds, and makes very little noise compared to other windmills so they say. It is therefore very suitable for mounting on top of flat roofed buildings. It can be also mounted on a mast or pole.

I have made several attempts to get more information from Cleanfield. They are coy to say the least; maybe they don’t trust me, as I am known to be somewhat outspoken and critical.

I did manage to learn that the complete package for the 3.5Kw/h unit, which includes mountings, inverter and control gear, sells in Canada for C$14,000. That’s about €9770. It is therefore not a cheap unit by any stretch of the imagination. It would also require a fair bit of open space for urban use, the lady at Cleanfield I spoke to said a 1 acre site would be preferrable. It would therefore not be suitable for inner city or congested areas, other than for rooftop mounting.

It looks like a promising development of the vertical axis design of windmill but a bit pricey I'd say.

No doubt the Chinese will already be copying the unit and they will be able to sell it to us at half the price.


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