Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chinese Vertical Axis Wind Generators part 2


Interesting Wind Turbines
Shanghai Aeolus Wind Technology

I had a very prompt and comprehensive reply from one Chinese Wind Generator manufacturer Shanghai Aeolus Wind Technology Co. Ltd. who make a line of vertical axis wind turbines. And yes, the Chinese can offer wind generators at substantially lower prices. See the price list below. I publish also two photos, which they sent me, which clearly show the design of the rotor blades

Here is their reply to my query;

Thank you for your email.
Our products line now extends from 200watts, 300w, 500w, 1000w, 3kw to 10kw.

Our 3kw and 10kw products "pneumatically" control the rotating speed of the wind mill when wind speed is over the rated speed. Therefore our products can be used where the wind is very strong, they could still work stably and continuously. This technique is unique and is one of our patents. All of our products are patented and owned by us.

Compare the VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) with HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbine). VAWT has no noise and is safer. They have different structure, different use, different market. We have the most advanced VAWT technology in this field.

Our turbine can be used in both rural and urban areas given that the local wind and site conditions fit. In public lighting, monitor controlling system, oil fields and other city facilities and commercial purposes could our products be used as well. Because wind directions don't affect the function of the equipment, it works even better on yachts, islands, offshore oil fields where wind is more turbulent.

Attached the specification of each model and price list(FOB Shanghai) for your reference. Our minimum order quantity is 1 set. Delivery times is 30-45 days.

Let me know if you have any other question.


The Shanghai Aeolus Wind Technology Co. Ltd. site link is as follows:

Here is a very interesting piece of information - the price list!! Prices are in US Dollars and are less shipping costs.

Price(USD) Fob Shanghai
Model -Power -- mill system - controller = inverter (off grid)
P200 - -200W US$1080
P300 - 300W US$1230
P500A - 500W US$1730
P500B 500W US$1630
P1000 1000W US$2580
P3000 3000W US$6480
PK10 10KW US$19000

Note: This price is for goods. The sample price is 1.05 time of goods. And we have no MQO.

A 3Kwatt turbine and gear for US$6500 that's approx €4715 plus shipping and tax. You must also add in the cost of a mast and installation. These prices look to be very reasonable.

If any reader has experience of these turbines I would really appreciate hearing from you.


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Eugene said...

The prices do look reasonable alright. The cross bracing of the mill look light, I would be interested in how it would manage in the gusty dirty wind we have here. This could conceivably be mounted on a structure, a shed or even your house perhaps. I don't think the height is as important as it is for a HAWT. As a chinese supplied prioduct, would it be difficult to get the ESB to give you Micro Generator status I wonder. And you would be on your own for parts and warranty probably.