Monday, July 23, 2007

Chinese Vertial Axis Wind Turbines part 3



Shanghai Aeolus Wind Technology
Answer Some More Questions

Further clarification of specifications etc. from Shanghai Aeolus Wind Technology Ltd. This company has been very forthcoming and communicative - top marks to them in this respect!! They would also appear to have some interesting features in their technology. I will try to follow up on their installations and get feedback if possible.

Here is the conversation:

Can you perhaps expand a little on the "pneumatic" governor system what is the technical basis??? and How safe in 80 - 90MPH gusts that we experience here at certain times of the year???

According to the aerodynamics, the pitch angel of the blades is charged automatically with the diversification of the wind speed so that the windmill rotates at the same speed to avoid the generator burn out, when the wind speed is over 43.2 MPH and become stronger.
Our turbine can still work at the wind speed of 80 - 90MPH. But when it is over 90MPH, you'll need to stop it.

Are your VAWT OK in very wet and damp climate or in corrosive climate near the sea??

To use in such specific whether, our mechanical parts like sustaining arms and joint spots need extra surface treatment. It will cost extra.

What is the estimated useful life of these units?

20 years. Almost needs no maintenance.

Also, do you have any installations of your VAWTs in western Europe? or better still in the UK or Ireland?

We've just started selling for several months. There's few customers who received our turbine in west Europe. One in Italy, they received for 2 months. One in Norway by sea, they should have received. We also delivered two by air to Germany and Switzerland around July 10th. But I don’t know where the turbine are mounted. Regards,


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