Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wood Pellet Deals Compared

Spot the Difference

Boiler Number One a Dor Boiler with a Scotte Burner
Boiler Number Two a Scotte Boiler with a Scotte? Burner


Deal One

SCOTTE 15 combined log wood and pellet boiler

Nominal output 14.8 KW
Including auger 1.6 m
Including Lambda control unit.

Boiler mass: Height: 1040mm
Width: 700 mm plus pellet burners depth: 770
Water Capacity: 46 litre.
Efficiency: 90.3%

Price: €2,815

24 KW €3,427
32 KW €4,095
40 KW €4,612
60 KW €4,978

This price does NOT include a feeder pellet unit. (You could have one made for €200 - 300) All prices exclusive VAT ex factory

Deal Two

Dor timber and pellet boiler

output : 16kW
efficiency : 90.3%
h : 1040mm
w : 826mm
d : 730mm
water content : 45 litres

Dor timber and pellet boiler

Price: €4194 less €300 silo price = €3894

24 Kw €4586
less €300 silo price = €4285
30 Kw €4979 less €300 silo price = €4679
40 Kw €5388 less €300 silo price = €5088
60 Kw €6632 less €300 silo price = €6332

Price includes a pellet feeder silo. I have subtracted €300 to make a comparison.
Prices exclude VAT.

One deal is available in Germany. The other is in Ireland. Guess which is the Irish deal??

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Gerry said...

Aargh! I'd written a long comment when IE Explorer decided to die! So here's a short summary.

This seems typical so:
What are the chances of a callcosts.ie equivalent site for the alt/renewables enegy field?

Would the SEI be up for it?

If not, would Fine Gael - who (and there's an election in the offing) have shown appetite for this sort of consumer champion thing before with their ripoff Ireland site (or even the great Eddie who was possibly inspired by it to make his TV series).

Seems to me that only some widely publicised info source which compares all the offerings and prices from all the suppliers might have some effect in stimulating a bit of sense in pricing.

Daragh said...

I believe Gerkros are increasing their prices by 10% on oct 1st 2006