Friday, September 15, 2006

Comments on "Spot the Difference"

Gerry has sent in this Comment on the last blog:

This seems typical so: What are the chances of a equivalent site for the alt/renewables enegy field? Would the SEI be up for it? ( , an official site which monitors phone and broadband charges)

If not, would Fine Gael - who (and there's an election in the offing) have shown appetite for this sort of consumer champion thing before with their ripoff Ireland site (or even the great Eddie who was possibly inspired by it to make his TV series).

Seems to me that only some widely publicised info source which compares all the offerings and prices from all the suppliers might have some effect in stimulating a bit of sense in pricing.

(I would fully agree with you Gerry. SEI really need to wake up, step in and monitor. They also need to sanction profiteering and bad service. ed.)

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