Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Rip-Off Republic

A Real Bargain at
ONLY Twice the Price in Ireland!

I received a note from Brendan in Donegal recently which confirms my suspicions that Ireland is still leading the field in the race for being the 1st in the Rip-Off Republic Stakes. Brendan has kindly agreed to allow the publication of his letter:

I find your blog very interesting re Irish suppliers prices. in 2013 I bought two Unica Moderator 35kw biomass  heating boilers for my brother and myself direct from Kolty in Poland for less than the price of one of these from an Irish dealer. Local price for one at that time was euro 2200 plus vat the cost of two delivered to Donegal from Kolty was euro 2400 including VAT.
Regards Brendan


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