Friday, April 03, 2015

Cost of Dumping EXCEEDS cost of buying a Kilo of Potatoes.

DUMPING a Kg of Potatoes
Costs More 
Than Buying a Kg of Potatoes

When the cost of dumping a kilo of rubbish is greater than the cost of buying a kilo of potatoes - what do you think will begin to happen to rubbish??

This week Aldi have a Kilo of white potatoes priced at 26cent. Getting rid of trash now exceeds this cost per kilo.

My prediction is that more such stupid planning by Government and Local Authority agencies will lead to a big increase in people getting rid of their rubbish in places they should not. It might also increase the number of people who choose to burn their rubbish in stoves etc.

The increasing cost of rubbish collection is another form of taxation taking money out of the pocket of those who can ill afford to pay more.

The bottom layer of society, with regard to income, have been squeezed and squeezed, again and again by a range of "stealth taxes" a desperate government have imposed, and they have no more to give. Taxes that include a double helping of Carbon Tax, a VAT increase, Water Charges etc.

Do planners ever consider the law of diminishing returns?


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